Who is InfoXgen?

We are a professional organisation for the evaluation and publication of inputs for organic and GMO-free production. InfoXgen was founded in 2001 as an association by inspection bodies from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

As of 1 January 2018, InfoXgen Inputs Evaluation (InfoXgen Betriebsmittelbewertung), a division of EASY-CERT services GmbH, took over the operative activities for the evaluation of organic inputs as well as all previous activities of the association. All provisions and rates as laid down in the General Terms and Conditions apply. 

Areas of activity - organic inputs

InfoXgen maintains a network of international contacts, but its activities are centred in Austria.

An essential part of InfoXgen’s work is focused on the evaluation of farm inputs on the basis of the EU Organic Regulation currently in force to determine whether they are suitable for use in organic farming.

The products evaluated by InfoXgen can be accessed via the organic input product search (Produktsuche) on this website.

A catalogue of inputs for organic farming with a circulation of 22,000 copies is published and distributed to all organic enterprises in Austria once a year.

The target groups of our service are:

• Producers or distributors who produce or trade inputs (cleaning agents, disinfectants, pesticides and fertilisers) for organic agriculture in Austria and wish to obtain a professional and independent assessment of their products and to publish them in a manner appropriate for their target groups.

• Organic farmers who want to make sure that they only use inputs that have been approved for organic farming.

• Organic inspection bodies that rely on our professional evaluation in their daily work.

GM-free feed search

GM-free food production also plays an important role in the conventional sector in Austria. Therefore, feeds that are suitable for the production of GM-free foods are also listed in the InfoXgen database. They can be accessed via the feed search (Futtermittelsuche) on this website.

How to list products for organic farming or for GM-free feeding in Austria

All of InfoXgen’s activities are subject to the General Terms and Conditions.

Download General Terms and Conditions of InfoXgen

Products are evaluated and listed in the database for a fee. The current rates can be found here.

Download InfoXgen rates

Businesses who are listing a product with InfoXgen for the first time are requested to complete and sign the Agreement and Order for the Evaluation and Publication of Inputsand to return it to InfoXgen.

Agreement and Order for the Evaluation and Publication of Inputs

Datasheets are also provided for product registration and for further processing. The data sheet for the registration of fertilisers can be found here.

Datasheet for the submission of fertilisers

Plant protection products will only be listed in the InfoXgen database if they are recorded in the list of authorised/approved plant protection products in Austria.

See the list of authorised/approved plant protection products in Austria >>LINK<<

The data sheet for the registration of plant protection products and wetting agents can be found here.

Datasheet for the submission of plant protection products and wetting agents 

Declaration of Compliance

If required, a declaration of compliance with the prohibition of genetically modified organisms pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 must be submitted for individual components as well as for additives and processing aids.

Declaration of compliance with the prohibition of genetically modified organisms

Declaration OGM biologique (en français)

Compound animal feed products will only be listed with a certificate issued by an organic inspection body recognised by the EU or, in the case of conventional products, with a certification guaranteeing that they were produced without the use of GMOs.

If you have any further questions, please contact Ms Gabriele Moder at g.moder@infoxgen.com.

International cooperation - The European input list

With regard to organic inputs evaluation and the European Input List, InfoXgen cooperates closely with the input teams of FiBL Germany, FiBL Switzerland and FiBL Europe (FiBL = Forschungsinstitut für Biologischen Landbau, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture).

For more information, please visit www.inputs.eu.

Biologisch gärtnern ("organic gardening")

This quality label was created in order to make it easier for all gardeners with private house gardens and allotment gardens to search for products that are environmentally friendly and as gentle as possible for plants, animals and humans.

This initiative is by InfoXgen, DIE UMWELTBERATUNG (an environmental consultation organisation) and the company biohelp Garten&Bienen.

A "biologisch gärtnern" product search was created in cooperation with DIE UMWELTBERATUNG. It can be found under the following link https://www.umweltberatung.at/biologisch-gaertnern-produktdatenbank



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