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The InfoXgen logo is available in two print formats and in both a colour and a black-and-white version.


Conditions of use

The InfoXgen® logo listed / approved for organic production may be used in the version provided by InfoXgen on the packaging or labels of products and for advertising purposes for products listed in the InfoXgen database. The InfoXgen logo may only be used with a white background. On a coloured background, the logo must be white according to the templates.

The logo is an indication for the buyer of the products that the respective product has been evaluated on the basis of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 as amended and that it is suitable for organic production. The evaluation does not include the production regulations of organic associations such as BIO AUSTRIA.
It is a registered label. The logo may be used in product-related advertising but the direct reference to the listed product must be ensured when labelling the product.

The logo may not be used for certified organic products such as organic certified animal feed or certified organic ingredients.
The use of the logo is free of charge. However the company must send a sample label, an example of the packaging, the advertising brochure or the link to the online/digital use to InfoXgen.

By complying with the General Terms and Conditions the company is obliged to use the logo correctly. In the case of misuse of the logo the conditions laid down in the General Terms and Conditions shall apply.